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Expiration of SID700 authenticators

We have existing authenticators in our system with an expiry date of 31/3/2022.  A user who has one of these authenticators is leaving us, and by coincidence, her last working day with us will be 31/3/2022.

In other words, her authenticator is scheduled to expire on the same day that will be her final day working for us.

She will need to be able to authenticate on the day in question – do I need to issue her with a replacement fob with a later expiration date? 

Put another way, it isn’t clear to me whether the expiry date on the fob should be interpreted as “midnight, 31/3/2022” or “cannot be used beyond 31/3/2022 23:59:59.9999”?

I wonder if anybody could confirm either way?


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Hi @RobertEllis ,

I'm going to move your query over to the product forum where there are a lot more technical eyes to help you out with your question.  

Additionally, might be able to point you in the right direction as to where to ask your question.