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Occasional Contributor

Failover for RSA SecurID Authentication API / Authentication Manager REST Service?

Hello, I was looking for some information on failover for the Authentication Manager REST service.

For SecurID token-based authentication, our replicas take over if the primary instance becomes unavailable.  I was not able to determine from the documentation how this works with the Authentication API, or if failover is available.  I would presume that it is, since when configuring the Authentication API, it states to be sure to apply the changes to the replica instances when generating the REST Agent Credentials.

Is there a resource that explains how this should work?

Also unusual, I have noticed that some clients that can use RSA's REST Authentication service have options to add multiple REST API instances, however, can only assign one instance to a user account.  Rubrik CDM, for example (v8.1.1 as of this post).

Splunk would be another system for which we would be interested in assuring RSA REST failover is available.

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