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failure to authenticate with rsa secureid



The system has been working properly, but since yesterday morning it is failing. No one can authenticate with RSA. If I reboot the server, it lets me authenticate with RSA once, but then it fails again.


What I can see on the console is:

* RSA SecurID user authentication failed - Request timed out.
*; Cause:SecurID authentication timed out; Mode:null


What could be happening?

We use the system with Fortinet and LDAP AD-

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If your system is down and no one can authenticate you should really open a support case right away.  The support phone numbers are listed here: 


In the meantime: is the outage limited to Fortinet, or are all applications' SecurID authentications timing out? Has there been a firewall change between Fortinet and the RSA servers? If you ssh into the RSA servers, does the command $ /opt/rsa/am/server/rsaserv status show the services as running?  Does the authentication monitor (in the Securit Console) show the authentication requests arriving?


It seems odd that the first authentication after a reboot (may we assume you are rebooting the Fortinet server?) works and all the following ones time out.