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generate report showing loing and logout ?


We are using authentication manager 8.2 - the clients are Cisco anyconnect ver 4.x and they are Radius authenticated against this server from a ASA VPN firewall

We try to pull reports showing user activity but there is a small problem there - we can easiely see when the user is logged in but not when the session is teard down again. Is there a limitations here?


The asa is using this setup:

aaa-server RSA-RADIUS protocol radius
aaa-server RSA-RADIUS (dmz) host x.x.x.x
 key *****
 authentication-port 1812
 accounting-port 1813


br /ti

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Hi Thomas,


That's not something that the Authentication Manager would track. Basically we say pass/fail to the authentication request in the beginning of the exchange and then we are out of the picture. We do not monitor the connection.


Thank You,



Hi Brian


Are you sure? See – if we look here:


You can use the Security Console to complete most tasks associated with managing RADIUS day-to-day operations.

Through the Security Console, you can manage the following objects:

· RADIUS servers. Server that receives users' access requests from RADIUS clients and forwards them to Authentication Manager for validation. A RADIUS server also forwards accept or reject messages from Authentication Manager to the requesting clients.

· RADIUS clients. RADIUS-enabled device at the network perimeter that enforces access control for users attempting to access network resources.

· RADIUS profiles. Named collection of checklist and return list attributes that specify session requirements for a user requesting remote network access.

· RADIUS user attributes. RADIUS attributes that you assign to a user or trusted user outside of a profile.

· RADIUS accounting. Usage statistics of the RADIUS servers and clients for billing or auditing purposes.

But I can’t fint any reports that reflects this. If I look at the dropdown below radius this might not be useable for that purpose…


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Re: generate report showing loing and logout ?


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