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Generating a Web Tier Package file for adding a web tier



  I have question regarding the Web Tier Deployment.  I as in the process of adding another Web Tier in our environment and When I went to generate a Deployment Package for the Linux Machine I was setting up,  I see a Warning message that somewhat concerns me. 


The warning reads as the following:


Warning:  Once you generate the package, authentication requests directed to this web-tier deployment will be denied until after you import the package to the web tier server.


Does this mean that the other webiters listed will no allow us to use the Self Service Portal until the package file is installed and communicating with the appliance?  My goal is to stage the adding of the web tier so as to minimize any downtime users or admins would have in accessing the Self Service Portal or providing administration in either the Security Console or Operations' Console.  My plan is to generate the package now and perform the install with that package on the Web Tier Server at a later time so as to minimize the maintenance window to complete the work.  I attached the screen shot with the warning message.


Long story short

One day do:

Can I generate the Web Tier Package without encountering any downtime?

Copy the Package to the Web Tier server 


The next day run the installer during my maintenance window and complete adding the new web-tier server. 




Kevin C.


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It should only affect the single webtier you generated a package for. 

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To expand on Ed's comment, the warning is really in case you generate a new package for an already-in-use webtier.