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Generic SAML SSO config for Google Cloud Platform

Hello.   I'm using RSA SecurID Authentication Manager and IDR to allow SSO authentication from my premise Windows Active Directory to various company applications.  So far I've got AWS integrated and working.  Next on the docket is Google Cloud Platform.


I've use the GSuites (now called Workspaces) template and Google G Suite - SAML SSO Agent Configuration guide but have hit a road block where Google is asking for access to Gmail.  See we as a company are not using GSuites (Workspaces) only the Google Cloud Platform.   Access to Gmail in GSuites requires GSuites (Workspaces) Business edition.  This cost money.


On to the question, has anyone configured a SAML SSO Agent for just Google Cloud Platform access only??   I'm at a loss here.


Most appreciated.

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