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Get a listing of which agents had authentications in some time frame.

Hi - I'm running RSA AM 8.4.X and would like to get a listing on a daily or weekly basis of which systems had successful/unsuccessful authentications during the last day or week.  Here I'm not as concerned about the user as I am which systems have agents that are installed and trying to function.


I have looked at the reports and found 2 that address the area - "List all Installed Agents" and "List all Authentication Agent Records".  When I run the former report there are several fields that are empty and I'm wondering how to populate those fields?  I have looked at the Agent's dashboard and none of the missing info is gathered there. I would like to have the following info included:

Hostname ( I know it includes Agent Name so this isn't a biggie - )

Version (I'd like to include the version of the agent)

Platform (Here I'd like to add Linux or Windows)


Anybody have a clue how to add this to the system so it gets included in the report?


Thanks -



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Occasional Contributor

Hi Michael, I am looking for same info. Did you get answer to this query?




There is a canned report called: “List all Installed Agents” – in it is “Last Authentication Date and Time”. Sadly it doesn’t give anything other than the date/time of the last authentication but at least that is something.


Hope it helps –



Thanks Michael,

I found same yesterday and was trying to understand how this works.

I want only list of ACTIVE agents. You can get from List of all authentication records setting enabled to yes or no.

But this list of all installed agents also gives something. Hence I want to understand difference between these reports.


Here is the query posted yesterday.