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Has anyone migrated RSA Authentication manager on to Oracle Virtual Server

Thinking of migrating  RSA® Authentication Manager 8.2 Virtual Appliance from VMware virtual appliance to Oracle Virtual appliance. Has anyone does this before? what are the pros and cons of doing this? 

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Speaking for support no one here even has Oracle Virtual appliance, and Engineering/Product Management has not announced any plans to look into let alone support it.  So if you want to try this, you are going to be on your own.  If you still want to try, build a test Oracle Virtual appliance, and follow their documentation on how to do it.  Any problem you find can't really be looked at by RSA, either from Engineering who cannot write bug fixes unless they are reproduced with a supported platform like VMWare, and from Support as we have no experience with Oracle Virtual appliance - though we will try to at least analyze any error messages, but no promises.

Thanks for the prompt reply Jay! Since we have replicated (6servers) environment my teams plans to try this only on two of the servers and see how that goes. 

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Since Oracle has been doing this for a while, they must have an migration utility to move a VMWare Suse Linux server to Oracle Virtual, so this will probably work.  I do not think you should try mixing VMWare and Oracle Virtual Primary and replica, even though that might work too it seems like too many unsupported variables.  Good Luck.


I believe it is not going to work for long. Patches and service packs have detection routines to 

determine exactly what the hardware abstraction layer consists of, before they install.


If, after the move, dmidecode does not look like this, future patches won't work.

(or course the UUID and ser num will be different, but it must say VMWare, Inc)


Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.
Product Name: VMware Virtual Platform
Version: None
Serial Number: VMware-56 4d 4b b5 7c 94 c5 44-5b 96 29 a8 d0 8d bd 02
UUID: 564D4BB5-7C94-C544-5B96-29A8D08DBD02
Wake-up Type: Power Switch
SKU Number: Not Specified
Family: Not Specified

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I wouldn't do it. It's not supported. Only VMware and Hyper-V.