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How can I reset the rsaadmin password on a vm server if I don't know the current password?

The passwords for our test primary and replica box was changed. The replica box logs in fine, but the primary says the password is incorrect. I know how to reset it on a physical box, but these are VMs and I cannot log into it using single user mode. Is there a way to accomplish resetting the rsaadmin password without reloading the box with the ova file? This is test, so it's not as big of a deal if I need to do that, but I'd like to know in case this ever happens in production. 


AM 8.2 SP1 Patch 3

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Occasional Contributor

Hi Jay,


I'm interrested by KBs but I don't find them. Following an issue with a keepass software, I forget rsaadmin pasword and i need a solution without reinstalling.

Thanks in advance.



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Has anyone tested the following rsaadmin password reset steps on AM

NOTE: If you have a virtual appliance you need to have VM console access to the system. If you have a hardware appliance you need to plug a keyboard and monitor directly into the hardware appliance.

1. Log into the Operations Console of the system you need to edit.

2. Select Maintenance -> Reboot Appliance. Be sure to watch the reboot.

3. Go to the VM console or monitor view and wait for the system to reboot. Pay close attention here because the screen will turn green. It will default to the selection of Start RSA Authentication Manager [VMX]. Start typing to add boot options at the bottom of the screen.

4. Key in the following then press Enter to boot: init=/bin/sh

5. You will now be logged into the system as root.

Set the rsaadmin password

6. At the prompt, enter the following command: passwd rsaadmin

7. When prompted, enter the new password twice to confirm the password change.

8. When finished, reboot the system. Enter the following command: reboot

9. If the reboot command does not work, type quick_reboot instead. Enter the following command: quick_reboot