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How to Deploy the RSA SecurID Access Identity Router?

I created a video on deploying the Identity Router to the community. Short and informative let me know if this assist you with your deployment. Watch my YouTube video here: How to Deploy the RSA SecurID Access Identity Router


RSA SecurID Access uses a hybrid architecture that consists of two components: The Cloud Authentication Service is a cloud service that provides an easy-to-use Cloud Administration Console and powerful identity assurance engine. The identity router is an on-premises virtual machine that provides a secure connection between your on-premises resources, such as Active Directory, and the Cloud Authentication Service.


This VM has two network interfaces so that you can place one interface in a public-facing network and the other in a private network where it can reach Active Directory Cloud Administration Console: The Cloud Authentication Service component contains a hosted, multi-tenant Cloud Administration Console that Super Admins use to perform setup and daily management tasks. Super Admins and Help Desk administrators both use the console to troubleshoot user issues.

This is a partial list of tasks that can be performed using the console:

  • Configure your company domain and certificates, if necessary.
  • Add and manage identity routers.
  • Add identity sources so the identity router can verify user attributes to allow or deny access to resources.
  • Add resources, such as relying parties, RADIUS clients, and applications.
  • Configure assurance levels that can be used by protected resources.


If you prefer reading please review the below guides:


RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service POC Quick Setup Guide: RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service Planning Guide:

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