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How to integrate RSA 2FA with Azure O365?

Hi everyone, 


My question will be regarding how to integrate RSA 2FA with Azure O365 


our environment has the following:

A - RSA Authentication manager 8.4 patch 6 ( hosted on-prem in local network ) , all our users are using tokens from this system.

B - RSA IDR ( hosted on-prem in local network ) connecting us to RSA Cloud, this is a new setup to test push notification the approve feature , the cloud is connected to RSA authentication manager so cloud authentication can perform pass through to authentication manager into the defined radius and relying parties, few users has the new tokens from cloud , we are just testing this system for now.


so my question is this , we are going with O365 and we are wondering if there is a way we can integrate our RSA with Azure o365 without re-issuing new tokens to the users 

is this possible ?  


thank you

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Hi Yousaf,


Yes is possible to authenticate the user with existing token (from AM) to O365 see configuration below 



Hi Ange , wow thank you for your quick reply first of all 


what made me confuse is this article Microsoft Office 365 - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide 

it says Microsoft O365 not support with RSA AM 


And regarding the article you have shared , we have already in place cloud connected to our local AM

but we are using it the opposite way,


we issued few tokens from cloud to IT team to test the new tokens , and we are using the new tokens / push to authenticate into our internal resources which are configured in AM.


so now we want the other way which is , to use the tokens which are in AM to authenticate cloud services like Azure , o365 


I hope I'm not bothering you , but could you please guide me to an article tackling the same scenario if there is ? 

Hi Yousaf AlBoush‌ The Implementation Guide you referenced shows Authentication Method "RSA SecurID" under "Microsoft Office 365 Integration with RSA Cloud Authentication Service".  This can be achieved as described in the documentation link provided by Ange Olivier Ambemou‌. 

Basically, the IDR is set up to act as a SecurID authentication agent when SecurID is chosen or required for additional authentication.  The high-level flow is shown in the documentation.


Hope that helps,



Hi Yousaf,


the article i share with you is good one step 5 and 6.





what you achieve is connection from Authentication manager (user can used push, biometric,OTP from MFA app), on top on this screenshot there connection to Authentication Manager (it's mean user can used Token HW or Software Token ).