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how to run Reporting from command line instead

How to run Reporting jobs (usually done from the Security Console) from the command line directly ?


I am using Linux, and i'd like to run it on command line to be able to received the report automaticly by email (list of users etc...). 


Or if it not possible, let the report run montly and then pickup the output file in the OS filesystem?

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Benoit Heroux‌,


RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 can notify administrators by email when you run a report. The email notification includes the report name and a link to the report. You configure a standard group of administrator email addresses. When you create a report, you can select this group, and you can enter additional email addresses as needed.  You can find more information on configuring this option by launching the Security Console or Operations Console then clicking Help.  In the popup window search for Configure Report Notification.


There are knowledge base articles that also provide documentation on running reports via the CLI.  See the following as examples:


000034036 - How to generate a report of registered users in the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 database 

000033020 - Generating a Report on who has Accessed the Operations Console and Logged onto the Command Line for RSA Auth… 




Thanks for the (fast) answer!  I'm actually in the process of upgrading from 8.1 to 8.2, so it is a good news!


I hope that the report can be attached directly into the email instead of a link ?


In the meantime i'll check the 000034036 witch seem to do what i am looking for to script something ou of it.


have a good day,




For security reasons Authentication Manager does not provide the report output as an attachment to the email.  We provide a link to the report for the recipient to access.





Okay thank you.


I have tried to solution in 000015494 - How to query RSA Authentication Manager 8.x users and tokens from the command line  and the result is only 1 row.  Is the SELET used still accurate ?


I am trying to get the same result from the web report with those information: "User - First Name - Last Name - Email - Account Enabled - Serial Number - Token Type - Token Enabled" from user with tokens only.


So i played with the rsa_rep.AM_TOKEN table, the rsa_rep.ims_principal_data and the rsa_rep.ims_principal.  The email seem to be seen from the rsa_rep.ims_principal, but only result with the internal database.  I want those information from the another identity source not only internal database...


I checked that KB

and copy pasted the entire select statement

into my 8.2 p05 system psql command line,


and bam, I got all my 2546 users and tokens listed. So yes, it is good.


SELECT ims_principal.loginuid, am_token.serial_number, ims_principal.first_name, ims_principal.last_name
FROM rsa_rep.ims_principal, rsa_rep.ims_principal_data, rsa_rep.am_token
WHERE ims_principal.loginuid = ims_principal_data.loginuid
AND = am_token.principal_id;

thanks for verifying!


Like i said, maybe your result are only from the internal database ?  i don't need that, i want from the ldap/directory server source too.


Any idea ? my users are not from internal database, but from a ldap/directory server source


Benoit Heroux‌ did you get the information from the LDAP users? I am facing the same problem now. I want to query the database and get some info that I would get easily on the web report but I can't find it on the tables.