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I am seeing the message "Primary connection pool for "slot-0-user" failed" in the system log monitor. End users are not able to authenticate. The end users are in an external AD identity source.


"Primary connection pool for "slot-0-user" failed"

"Failed to connect to Identity source".

I am seeing the above messages in the system log monitor.


When they show none of the end users were able to authenticate to Authentication Manager.

What might be the reason and how to fix it.

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LDAP connection(s) for external identity source is/are bad.



Check Primary operations console, deployment config, identity sources, manage existing

check the connections to ldap, because one or more of them is broken.


-either the password for the account used to connect needs to be changed/updated


-if using ldaps, there may be a certificate problem (expired, or wrong certificate)


-something else, need to check further (network issue, dns issue...normal network/server troubleshooting steps)


***TIP: if this is about the password for the account used to connect, and you change it, it will start to work but also there may be some stale ldap connections attempting to use the old password which is still cached in the ldap pool, and the logs will continue show these failed attempts. To clear these immediately, you can bump the server.

Hi Ed,

AD service account is good. The SSL certificate is still valid and didn’t expire.

When we ran ldapsearch command from command line it was working fine.


These errors are happening intermittently.

I also saw the “Primary connection Pool for “slot-0-user” restored” after the failures.

Soon after that the restored message, I saw “Primary connection Pool for “slot-0-user” failed message again.


I went and tested on the replica Operations console and it was fine with no issues.

To resolve this issue now, we rebooted the primary server.


I think there might be a bug or something here. Our Authentication Manager version is 8.3 P02.



Subbu Peddibhotla