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Install RSA Authentication Agent 8.0 for EXChange 2016

Dear guy

I was installed RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 ( because my company buy license 8.1)

Server was installed .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.5. But, when i install RSA Authentication Agent 8.0 on EXChange 2016 server running Windows Server 2012 (64b) that display a error status this.

Error when insatll Agent IIS 8.0.PNG

So, can you help me answer with question this.

1. Why it has error when install agent 8.0 on exchange 2016 server

2. Have the RSA Athencation Manger 8.1 support EXChange 2016 ?

3. I buy license RSA Manager 8.1, Can i use the license this for 8.2 ?


Best regard !

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Apprised Contributor Apprised Contributor
Apprised Contributor

"This installation package could not be opened..."  sounds like either the install cannot find this package or it is corrupt.  Try copying the Agent to C:\ or C:\Temp and running locally, and if still fails try checking the MD5 checksum on it and compare to what the RSA download site says the MD5 checksum should be, if they do not match the install file was corrupting during download or copy.

The latest version, IIS agent 8.0.1[20] is available here