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Integrating SecurID with IBM iSeries

hi, i am a new partner and currently want to do POC, our customer is using AS400/IBM iseries, i've looked into this page but found nothing for integrating SecurID with AS/400 IBM Corporation - Technology Integrations | RSA Link


can anyone give some guidance to integrate this?

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If you are looking for 2-factor authentication with Authentication Manager, AM there is no Authentication Agent for the AS400, see here

IBM Corporation - Technology Integrations 

But perhaps based on other IBM platforms you could 'build' something by routing an AS400 authentication request through an AIX or other server.


Typical options are to develop or write your own authentication agent with one of the SDKs.  AM supports ReST, so that would be your best option instead of other Authentication SDKs. 


If the AS400 supports RADIUS authentication, that could be the easiest solution as AM includes a RADIUS server.  If you want a quick way to understand RADIUS authentication on AM, download NTRadping.exe from Novell's Web Site, and use your Windows desktop to Test.  




You would need a RADIUS Client in the AM Security Console with your Windows Desktop IP address, and associated RSA Agent.




You can read more about RADIUS here

000014905 - Performing RADIUS authentication tests with NTRadPing to RSA Authentication Manager 


Other options include SaaS with AM SID Access Cloud Authentication Service   


Cloud Authentication Service Overview