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Integration of RSA

Can you please give me some details for the RSA integration with my C# projects.


We have many times search for Integration of RSA, but we can't find its solutions for this.

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Employee (Retired)

Purvesh Patel‌,


We have the RSA SecurID Authentication Agent SDK 8.6 for C and Java.  


Another interface you may want to take a look at is the new REST interface detailed in the RSA SecurID Authentication API Developer's Guide. This is an OpenAPI-based REST protocol that works with both RSA SecurID Access (Cloud) and Authentication Manager (On Premise) deployments. The REST endpoints and protocol payloads are documented in RSA SecurID Authentication API: rsa-securid-authenticate-api.yaml . This same file can be used to generate client interfaces in a number of different languages by uploading the YAML file to the "Swagger Editor" and using the "Generate Client" menu.


A Java example is available with the AM 8.2 SP1 and AM 8.3 "Extras DVD", but includes a commented-out example of using the YAML to generated a C++ client interface library.


Another great blog is Deploying an Authentication Agent That Uses the REST Protocol showing a "soup to nuts" example of getting the interface running.