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Is it possible to access a basic internal webpage externally through the application portal?

I have a webpage that's currently only accessible on our internal network.  Is it possible to host that page on the RSA application portal.  I thought maybe using the bookmark template would be the way to go but it doesn't seem to work.  Say the Identity Router has an internal address of and an external of  The internal webpage has an address of and does not have a login page.  Is there a way to make the internal webpage accessible when users login to the portal at

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The "Bookmark" template acts similar to a bookmark you save to a web browser: when a user clicks on the bookmark within the Application Portal, the user is redirected to the website directly.

For what you are looking to achieve, try configuring the application with the Application Portal using the "Trusted Header" template. When the user tries to access an application through the App Portal that is configured using the "Trusted Header" template, the identity router will act as a proxy server to proxy the requests from the web server to the user, so users would be able to access the internal web page externally as long as the App Portal can be reached externally.

For more information about the Trusted Header application template, see:

-Trusted Headers:

-Add an Application Using Trusted Headers: