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IWA connectors and TLS

Dear all,


We have an RSA Cloud using the IWA connector for SSO for applications.


After a recent Chrome upgrade, our users are getting errors of the IWA servers not offering TLS 1.2, so they're obsolete, etc.


What we don't really know if this is something about the IWA connector or if it is actually the IIS running on the IWA servers.


Anyway, could it be possible to enable only TLS 1.2? Is it on IIS?


Our IDRs are, upgrade planned this Friday



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Jose Luis Martin Mas‌ - recommend that you google IIS TLS 1.2. This is likely an IIS/server setting unrelated to the RSA IWA connector software.

Please open a support case and provide the IIS and Windows Server versions if you are not able to resolve on your own.


Hope that helps,


Thanks, Ted! We'll share this info with the IIS servers administrators for them to procceed