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Looking for a windows CLI to obtain temporary password after entering pin

I'm looking for a windows command line interface that I can script in my pin and have it return the temporary passcode. Such a thing exists for *nix, but I dont see one for windows, and I am tired of clicking on the UI buttons. 


API docs that would explain similar topics are also welcome. 

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This is called Token Automation, which is an API that calls a DLL in Windows which allows you to enter a PIN and have a tokenCode retrieved from either a Software token or from a connected SID-800 hardware token.  It works with The Windows Agent and with Cisco AnyConnect.  You might try a custom install of the Windows agent, and install the token automation utility


The RSA SecurID application for windows creates two folders in program files; "RSA SecurID Software Token" and "RSA SecurID Token Common". Each of these folders has a few dlls and exe's in them.


Is what you are talking about available via these?


As an example, I would have expected to be able to do something like this at the prompt...

C:\Program Files\RSA SecurID Software Token> SecurID.exe --token "Client1" --pin "1234567890"

...and have it emit the passcode as output that I can feed to openconnect or anyconnect's cli