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MFA AGENT 2.1.1 Not downloading offline files to non Phone app users

We have both cloud only users with the phone app and they have no issues. We have users with only the RSA key fob and those users never get offline files downloaded. These users will never have a phone app.

In the error message we see is:

User XXX has no enrolled mobile devices (status: NOT_AVAILABLE), User ID:XXXXXXXXXX
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Are your hardware tokens in Authentication Manager? In order for offline files to work with hardware tokens, your hardware tokens must be managed in the cloud. The alternative is that you'll need to point the agent for hardware token users at AM instead of at the cloud.

The cloud-managed hardware tokens are currently in preview mode so you'll need to reach out to your account manager to have the feature enabled for your tenant.


Yes we have separate GPO that points to the Authentication manager for the Hardware token only users. In addition we have an always on VPN solution . It still doesn't work. I have an open case since last Friday and no response since then from support. Its very disappointing that support appears to have no sense of urgency. Even the MFA authentication itself is not always functional for the hardware only users.