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Migrating RSA Authentication Manager to VM and Upgrading to 8.3



We currently have two RSA Authentication Manager appliances (1xPrimary and 1xReplica). There is currently a plan to migrate these appliances to Virtual Appliance. Both are currently running on 

I have also seen that there is now a newer version which is 8.3 Patch 1.


Would it be easier if I migrate these devices first to virtual appliance (same version as current) then upgrade to 8.3 once virtualized? or the other way around? 

Could you also let me know the upgrade path for migrating from to 8.3 Patch 1? 



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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Hi Kenneth Franco,


You can do either one, both method required to follow same upgrade path.

Upgrade path: ->> 8.2--> 8.2.1 (SP1) --> 8.3 --> 8.3 patch 1.


Take note before you start upgrade take one time backup, this one time backup will require each time when you successfully upgrade to each step in above upgrade path.

Since you have HA setup ensure replication is normal before start upgrade, and you must start upgrade with Primary and then replica simultaneously.

Example: Primary upgrade to then go to Replica upgrade to

                then again come back to primary to upgrade to 8.2 then Replica so on..........


Hope this will help.



Rajesh Gogineni [M.Tech Products Pte Ltd]

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Hi Kenneth Franco


Another easiest way I have read from RSA experts is add replica (VM) to your primary RSA AM server which is currently running in physical appliance and then later promote your new replica (VM) as primary and kill actual primary and replica server running on physical appliances.

If you want to add replica to new primary you can deploy another .ova image and setup as replica and attach it. Take one time backup after successful promotion.


Hope this helps.


Thank you

Rajesh [M.Tech Products Pte Ltd]