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Migration for Authentication Agent to MFA Agent - Remove Windows Password prompts?

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Currently on our Authentication agent setup, users only enter their username and RSA passcode (PIN + tokencode) to login to their windows machine. In testing the MFA agent deployment, it appears that we have to use windows password then RSA tokencode to login. Is there no way to prevent the windows password prompts without having to deploy physical security keys for passwordless setup?

Why does the MFA agent not cache windows passwords like the authentication agent? With the Authentication agent support ending Sept 2022, this is going to be a huge impact to our organization.

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Hello @Person0001,

The MFA Agent for Windows v2.2 should be available within the next 2 weeks.


Now that MFA Agent for Windows v2.2.1 is available, is there updated instructions/guidance on how to implement Windows password integration (WPI)? We are running 8.7 SP 1 and have WPI enabled already in our Offline Authentication Policy but Windows still prompts for password before RSA.


This is not resolved. In working with support (Case #02484013), they have informed us that you cannot have both WPI and offline days access for cloud tokens. WPI works with MFA agent as long as your pointing to authentication manager and not applying Cloud access policy and using token login option (cannot use modern methods - ex: Approve). A cloud token can only be used for online login, no offline days are downloaded. Being told that there is nothing in roadmap to address this.