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Migration from RSA Authenticatin manager 8.2 to 8.3

Do you know roughly how long the migration from 8.2 SP1 patch 6 to 8.3 will take. I need the information so that I can record the downtime in my customer change request for the migration.


This does not need to be precise for example I say 30 minutes when I add a new patch


This is also required to judge whether the upgrade has failed so that we know to restore from the backup



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Respected Contributor

Hi Andrew Brown,


Understand your AM server is running with 8.2 SP1 P6, minimum version required to upgrade 8.3 is 8.2SP1.

so you can do upgrade your AM server as normal patching.


If user environment is deployed HA setup, no downtime for authentication but have for administration.
If no HA setup there will be downtime , estimated down time is 30 to 45 Min, for good sake you can ask user plan maintenance window for 1Hr for upgrade and another 2 hours for restore include re image appliance.


Before you start upgrade take fresh Backup and if backup stored in local (appliance) please take out backup file.

If you have HA setup, you must upgrade primary first then replica(s).

If in case primary failed to upgrade and cannot rollback to older version, promote your replica as primary and re image original primary appliance as new replica and attach it to new primary server. I think it is more faster than re image existing primary and restore from backup (this required to re image replica and reattach to new primary).


Hope this helps.



Rajesh (M.Tech Products Pte Ltd)


for me it took 13 minutes. From the time i click on Update to the time the VM have reboot and is working.

i upgraded from 8.2 sp1 patch 8 to 8.3. It's easy to install like any patch is with RSA!