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Obtain RSA SecurID Authenticate app for Windows 10 without using Microsoft Store?

How do I download the installer for RSA SecurID Authenticate app for Windows 10 without using the Microsoft Store?

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The RSA Authenticate app for Windows 10 is only available from the Microsoft Store.  If your organisation has a specific requirement that means the Microsoft Store is not suitable, we'd encourage you to let us know via the RSA Ideas for the RSA SecurID® Suite page.

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Hi there, 

As of the August 2019 Release, you can now obtain and distribute the app  using Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. Check out my blog about the August release for more details. 

Kenn Min Chong­­ (He/him/his)
Principal Product Manager

Hi @Kenn_Chong ,

I have been looking for a way to implement the RSA SecurID Authenticate in a domain computers (with microsoft appstore disabled), i did read all the notes that you linked here in a search attempt of the command lines that you say right here:

"We are aware that some customers are restricting users from getting Windows Apps through the Microsoft Store. Instead, they prefer that these apps be distributed centrally similar to how it is traditionally done with other Windows apps in-use today. Admins can now use Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) to deploy the app from a command-line tool. After the app is deployed, users can then complete RSA SecurID Authenticate device registration."

But didn't found it, could you or anyone help me please? we really need this.