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Problems to expect when using unsupported special characters



we are planning a a migration from Authentication Manager 6.1 to version 8.x.

The release notes of version 8 state that there are several special characters that are no longer supported. I did run the migration assessment tool and there are several user accounts that do use these characters. As the accounts are managed in LDAP and the information is used by other systems as well we can not remove or replace these characters.


What problems are expected when keeping the special characters in the user information? I did several tests with Internal Database users containing special characters and everything seemed to be working fine.


If that changes anything - the special characters are never in the user id.


Thanks in advance.

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I  want to ask where the special characters show up, but don't want you to post this on this public forum,

that stuff and what the special characters are, should be kept totally private.


All you can really do is create a test LDAP account with identical special characters, make a connection in 8.1.x,

and see if these things will work in 8.1.x with no issues....


-assign a token, log in as that user on self service console

-run reports on the username and authentication activity with that name, see if reporting works fine

-if you connect with LDAPS, (ldap won't do it but ldaps will) attempt to change the user AD password using 8.1.x

self service console

-attempt a radius login with the user using ntrapdping 1.5


Beyond that, if you still concerned, open a support case and we can find out exactly what constitutes

special characters and do some testing.