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Product Request - Auth Mgr 8.2 Factory Reset

This is a product enhancement request for RSA AM 8.2 - PLEASE BRING BACK FACTORY RESET!  RSA does not support remote access via DRAC or Intel RMM4, and AM 8.2 no longer supports factory resets.  This means that an admin has to be physically located at the data center to perform any sort of advanced system recovery or reset, which pretty much makes these appliances no longer recoverable when working remotely.


The Auth Mgr 8.2 release notes indicates that hardware appliance users should use PING to back up their deployments.   While this is a satisfactory workaround for those who can be physically at a data center, this really does nothing to assist those of us who may work hours or multiple countries away from the data center.


Please bring back remote factory resets!

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A lot of customers are asking for this, and there are at least 2 RFE, request for Enhancements for this, 

AM-28378 - RFE: implement factory reset on AM 8.1 virtual appliance
AM-28716 - RFE: Add the ability to factory reset an AM 8.1 virtual replica

I added PG&E to both to let Product Management know. If you have a Sales contact, you should ping them too, to help drive this.  I can't say whether Product Management and Engineering will bring this back, but it is on the radar so feel free to push from you end through Sales or here on Link


Hi Jeremy,


You're not alone in this. There have been many customers that feel the same way. Product Management has been made aware of this and is planning to hopefully bring it back with 8.2 SP1. The proposal is to have remote factory reset using DRAC/ILOM. We don't have all the details as this point but that is what is in the works. 


Thank You,