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Pull a report for specific users(Not All)

Hello Everyone - Trust everyone is well in these difficult times.


I wish to pull a report, to review authentication activity, for a set of specific users. We can pull the report for ALL or ONE user/s but not for specific users. Pls advise if there is a way to achieve this?   

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It's a little awkward, but the Authentication Activity report can be limited to a single Security Domain (SD), so if you created a temporary Security and moved the users of interest (and their tokens) to it, you could run a report against that SD.  Of course, then you'd want to put the users and tokens back in their original SDs.

Thanks, Steven. 

Yes, the approach you quoted seems convincing if we are working on training or DEV boxes but we may not have that liberty if it's Prod system and wish to scrutinize couple of IDs as part of auditing. 


To make it simple, can we not update the user ID attribute on "Authentication Activity Report" to accept more than one ID instead of one. 


Unfortunately it does not accept a list of userids.  I've created an "RSA Idea for RSA SecurID Access" that could lead to this capability being added, if enough up-votes are cast.  Please feel free to add your vote and comment  

Thanks, Steven. I hope we get necessary up-votes for consideration.