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Questions about Web-tier



I have a few questions about web-tier.


What exactly web-tier does? As far as i imagine it's used only for self-service portal that you put in DMZ ? Can it be also used as "connection point" for outside agents to auth against it?


For example i have some servers on cloud that install SecurID agent on it and they can auth against Web-Tier ?



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Not sure deploying a web tier package for RHEL would work on Suse Linux, but it is not supported and is not a good idea, as you want the Web Tier in your DMZ for users to access over the Internet and you want your primary and replicas inside your Company Firewalls, protected.

The Web Tier hides the Replica and Primary port 7004, which is used for both Security Console Administration and Self Service, so Web Tier is kind of a lightweight reverse proxy.  Web Tiers also offload primary and replica processing by communicating over TCP port 7022 to the AM servers.


thanks Jay