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Replica Promotion, Primary Deletion, Redeploy

We have discovered that our third party backup software is failing to backup our primary AM due to a problem in our virtual environment that we have identified. The course of action that needs to be taken involves deleting the appliance and redeploying to remedy the backup problem.


We have a replica (AM2) of the primary(AM1) AM that is working appropriately. Would it be possible to:

  1. Promote AM2 to primary
  2. Delete AM1 VM
  3. Redeploy a new AM VM as AM1
  4. Designate AM1 as a replica of AM2
  5. Promote AM1 to primary to restore the original configuration of the environment


We only have a few agents deployed and the RSA environment is not live yet so I am not concerned with agent connectivity or down time. I am just trying to avoid a complete re-configuration of the AMs. 

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