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RSA AM License upload guide



Where can i download a guide on how to upload RSA AM License.


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Brandon King Orticio‌,


I've moved your question to the RSA SecurID Access space where it will be seen by the product's support engineers, other customers and partners.  Please bookmark this page and use it when you have product-specific questions.


Alternatively, from the RSA Customer Support page, click on Ask A Question on the blue navigation bar and choose Ask A Product Related Question.  From there, scroll to RSA SecurID Access and click Ask A Question.  That way your question will appear in the correct space.

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For steps on how to upload your new Authentication Manager license, please review 000013162 - The customer account identifier in the license does not match that stored in the system message when installing an RSA Authentication Manager license .  The article explains steps for swapping out a test license to production, installing a new license or upgrading the number of active users.