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Hi Guyz,


Can anyone help me with RSA AMBA utitly, I have below queries:

  1. do we need to install additional AMBA license on even if we have Enterprise license.
  2. Can we deliver token to user in CTF format using AMBA?
  3. can anyone share me exact command to enable auto token delivery or auto token assignment notification over Email.
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1) no


2) AMBA cannot do CTF.


(sdtid files can be converted to CTF using the RSA Software Token Converter java utility)


3) this command will send email with the tokens as a file attached, or as an email with a CTKIP link, depending on how you fire the ./rsautil command arguments.


./rsautil AMBulkAdmin -a admin -P support1! --verbose -m 0 -g -i kb.csv


./rsautil AMBulkAdmin -a admin -P support1! --verbose -m 0 --ctkip -i kb.csv


use --ctkip or -g for sdtid files attached to emails. My first example below uses -g.


[Use the AMBA guide for more info on any of these commands and arguments]


4) There are many ways to run AMBA.


This is one example:


-adding a user to internal database,

-set RSA password for that user

-assigning a token,

-set a pin,

-and sending token out.


a) AMBA command (this example shows verbose logging enabled)


./rsautil AMBulkAdmin -a admin -P support1! --verbose -m 0 -g -i kb.csv


b) input file kb.csv

AUTA,autalastname,autauserid,1,4,autafirstname,administrator@farmco.local,90,1234,Passcode,password1!,Internal Database,SystemDomain,,,SMTP



c) My user autauser got an email with a token attached


Result in AMBA log: 

-autauserid, 000116033749, File autauserid_000116033749.sdtid created.

Info : -Token 000116033749, successfully deployed.
Success: 2020-06-23 08:23:30 : Line 4 - addTokenToUserAuto -000116033749 assigned and deployed to autauserid



When I run the command using --ctkip here is the log

Info   :                                                                -CTKIP Credentials generated for token 0001160337


Result in user email if -g : sdtid file




Result in user email if --ctkip: ctkip link to my webtier and custom port




d) The AMBA guide also has input file examples in the back.


Here is another example of input file to do similar action


This example creates 10 new Users, assigns tokens, specifies software token profiles for each User, Android 2.x ctkip and iOS20 ctkip url, and provisions the tokens through CT-KIP over email, SMTP.

AUTA,autauser1,autauser1,1,password$,4,Andoid 2.x ctkip,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser2,autauser2,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser3,autauser3,1,password$,4,Android 2.x ctkip,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser4,autauser4,1,password$,4,Android 2.x ctkip,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser5,autauser5,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser6,autauser6,1,password$,4,Android 2.x ctkip,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser7,autauser7,1,password$,4,Android 2.x ctkip,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser8,autauser8,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser9,autauser9,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,,SMTP
AUTA,autauser10,autauser10,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,,SMTP

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Hi Edward,


Thanks for your response.

Can u send me the .csv file to assign token to user. I will be fetching users from my Active directory.