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RSA Auth Mgr 8.4 Upgrade OC session times out

So I've been having a problem applying the upgrade.  I'm doing it via browser upload from  The upload take about 34 minutes in our first environment.  And I found that my OC session had timed out by the time the upload had finish.  So when I submitted the rsaadmin password, I got returned to the OC login page.   So I found the Session Lifetime settings on the SC and bumped "Console and Command API Session" Idle Timeout up to 90 minutes and then completely exited the browser to remove any session info.  However the upgrade failed again the same way.


Do I need to do something like reboot the servers to get the OC to pick up the new session timeouts?

Is there some other setting needing changing?

Or am I stuck with the old workaround of opening another browser tab on the same OC session and and periodically clicking to keep the idle time out away?

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Edward Clear‌,


I've moved your question to the RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space space where it will be seen by the product's support engineers, other customers and partners.  Please bookmark this page and use it when you have product-specific questions.


Alternatively, from the RSA Customer Support" data-type="space page, click on Ask A Question on the blue navigation bar and choose Ask A Product Related Question.  From there, scroll to RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space and click Ask A Question.  That way your question will appear in the correct space.