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RSA Authentication Agent API for Java 8.6 requirement

Dear sir,


Does the RSA Authentication Agent API for Java 8.6 could work independently without the RSA Authentication Agent installed on the same PC?

I can't find the prerequisite or requirement of RSA Authentication Agent API for Java 8.6.

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The Agent API v. 8.5 and v. 8.6 for Java (there's another one for C) is basically so you could write your own agent for a Web service or Operating System that there is no RSA agent for, so you do not need an RSA agent in order to get the Authentication Agent API v. 8.6 to work.

000029083 - Setting up the RSA Authentication Agent API 8.5 on a Linux operating system 

This version of the Authentication agent API was developed to support TCP based authentication and IPv6 addressing, so some RSA Partners developed their products on this API, e.g. FoxT BoKs Server v.7.x.  However, there is a newer ReST authentication agent API that might be a better solution for you going forward. 

Also, the RSA Authentication agent for PAM, v. 8.x, and Web agent for IIS and Apache v.8.x can be configured to use the ReST API for authenticsation.