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RSA Authentication Agent for Windows 7.3.3 has stopped Client Access

Please reply to this question as soon as possible because this machine is a very critical resource as clients need to access this machine.

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The RSA community site is not appropriate for resolving urgent or critical issues. For such matters, always raise a support case and provide as much detail about the problem as possible when you do, including detail such as:

  • business impact of the problem
  • symptoms observed by end user (provide error messages, screenshots if possible)
  • history of the problem:  when it started happening, what changed before it started happening, what you have tried doing to fix it, when does the problem happen, etc.
  • If you can, provide Agent logs and Authentication Manager logs, covering as much of the time period of the problem as possible.  
  • Deployment information:  Authentication Manager version and service pack, Agent platform details, etc.

Instructions to upload files to RSA Support are at:  000034866 - How to upload files to RSA Customer Support for analysis .

The more information provided up front, the sooner RSA Support will be able to provide meaningful assistance, leading to faster remediation.

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When you open the support case, the Support Engineer will first want to know what changed, as in did you update the existing Windows agent to 7.3.3[99] and that is when the problem started?  

Is the Windows agent on a Citrix XEN or Web Server?

Is there a specific symptom or error message on the Citrix Users PC, or on the Windows Server?


There was an old problem with Citrix Web Server, if you installed the Windows agent after Citrix, it did not work, so updating the Windows agent broke Citrix Web Access.  You had to re-install Citrix.  That could be the same for XEN desktop server.  Citrix needs to find the SecurID API (from the Windows Agent) when it is installed.


The Windows agent logs should be set to verbose, check all, then note time of problem and zip all logs from CProgramData\RSA\LogFiles and send to RSA Support, either attach to case or upload to RSA SFTP.