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RSA authentication is very slow after installation of Vipre Antivirus

We have been using the RSA authentication agent for some time on our network and logins have always been quick, taking only a second or so to complete. However, we recently changed our antivirus to Vipre Endpoint Security (former vendor was Sophos). Now the RSA portion of the login process takes up to 30 seconds or even longer.

I have already excluded the C:\Program Files\RSA directory structure from Vipre along with C:\ProgramData\RSA however logins still take upwards of 30 seconds.

I contacted Vipre and they told me to ask RSA what processes are involved in the authentication process so I can add them as exceptions to the Vipre scan engine.

As a proof of concept I have excluded the entire C:\Windows directory in the Vipre profile and logins are instantaneous again. Of course, I don't want to permanently exclude the entire Windows directory.

Does anyone know what binaries are touched / called during the login process?


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I see that you are working with one of our support engineers on your issue.  It looks like he suggested that you open services.msc from the Windows machine on which the agent is installed and scroll down until you find RSA services used for authentication. You will need to exclude those services, as well as the C:\ProgramData directory from your scan.

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