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rsa Cannot add or manage a user with user ID com.rsa.common.InvalidArgumentException: Duplicate user ID. - Help needed


You had some information in your screen shots that would be considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that we recommend not making visible in a public forum such as this.  I have removed your screen shots and redacted some information. Here are some tips for posting questions to the RSA SecurID Community


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Hi all

I have an issue with a user's account.  It seems that someone may have changed the AD username and changed it back to what it was, but the damage is done.  I'm now just trying to delete the user from RSA to allow them to be setup again

The user is <user_name>.

I found her token in the database but it is assigned to an <UNKNOWN> user.

I have tried doing the LDAP Query within Deployment Configuration > Identity Sources > Manage Exiting > OurDomain > MAP with the Query (&(objectClass=User)(objectcategory=person)(!(samAccountName=<user_name>))), but when I did the Setup -> Identity Sources -> Clean Up, I got nothing.

I've tried deleting to user but no joy.  What can I do please ?

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That's not a problem - I know exactly who it belongs to

The problem is to either get the correct name back into it - or to somehow delete the user allowing for the user to be reprovisioned again from scratch

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It's time to open a support ticket