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RSA MFA Agent support for OMA-URI policy configuration or Azure AD-only-joined machines

Hello -

I have been trying to find information about whether or not there is support or a roadmap for the following items but so far have found nothing:

1)  Will RSA be supporting the configuration of the RSA MFA Agent using OMA-URI with ADMX ingestion for customers who want to use a product like Microsoft Intune to push the agent out to client machines?  The software can easily be pushed with Intune, but for large deployments we must continue using traditional AD GPO which we are trying to move away from in favor of Azure AD-only-joined machines.

2)  Will RSA be supporting Azure AD-only-joined machines (meaning not traditional domain-joined or Hybrid Azure AD machines)?


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Hi John,

Thanks for the technical aspects of your question regarding Intune,  there is an RSA Ideas posted for consideration, please add your comments there.  See link below.

RSA Token access from Intune managed iOS device 

Be sure to give the post a Like.  Enough votes get's it considered for further review.

@KevinDouglas, Thanks for the reply and link, but I am not looking for a mobile app solution.  My questions are specifically about the Windows MFA Agent and Windows 10.  My questions are:

1)   We currently use Microsoft Intune (MDM) to push the RSA MFA Agent for Windows 10 to our client machines, this is working today.  But we still have to configure settings for the agent via GPO.  We would prefer to use Intune to configure the Windows agent instead of using GPO.  My understanding is that RSA only supports configuring the agent using GPO - is this accurate?  I would prefer to push the settings via Intune using OMA-URI / ADMX ingestion.  Is this possible, and if so is it supported?

2)   We are interested in moving complete away from AD domain-joined machines and would prefer to use Azure AD-joined machines, instead.  Does RSA support installing and managing the RSA MFA Agent for Windows 10 on Azure AD-joined machines?  If so, is there documentation available for how to configure this?