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RSA Secure ID unknow



Je travaille pour la société Adecco Ressources Humaines SA basé en Suisse. Je suis responsable du suivi des assets avec entre autres le suivi des clefs RSAs.

Une de nos collaboratrice a quitté la société cette année et nous avons retrouvé une clef que nous ne parvenons pas à identifier (Applications, accès.. ??)

Numéro de suivi : <serial number redacted> / expiration <date redacted> / modéle RSA Secure ID

Pourriez vous m'indiquer la démarche à suivre afin de connaitre quelle était l'usage de cette clef et donc à qui nous devrions la retourner. Nous ne voudrions pas payer des frais inutilement pour cette clef.

En vous remerciant par avance pour votre aide


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Sorry for my first post in french


I work for Adecco Human Resources SA based in Switzerland. I am responsible for tracking assets with, among other things, the tracking of RSA keys.

One of our collaborators left the company this year and we found a key that we can not identify (Applications, access .. ??)

S/N: <serial number redacted> / expiration <expiration date redacted> / RSA Secure ID model

Could you tell me the procedure to follow in order to know what was the use of this key and therefore to whom we should return it. We wouldn't want to pay a fee unnecessarily for this key.

Thanks in advance for your help



If you are the administrator of the RSA Authentication Manager servers, you can look up the serial number in the list of assigned or unassigned tokens, and piece together the story related to that token.


RSA Securid Keyfobs have no use when they expire. That says it expired.  It is simply a non-working self-contained computing device that once was meaningful, but now is useless. It can be disposed of as 'computer equipment with self-contained battery'. The original organization that purchased that token serial number and was using it, only that customer, or RSA License Seed Response department could find out who the original owner was. It is expired though and actually has no use any longer. So, the importance of returning it is extremely low, and unless you are the original purchaser of that token serial number, RSA is not able to reveal any information about what organization it belonged to originally.


You could search your Authentication Manager Security Console for the Token Serial Number, under Authentication - SecurID Tokens - Manage Existing.


Search for either contains or starts with the serial number you have, to see if it is assigned to someone.  But it appears to be expired, so it won't work anyway.


Raphael Duffour‌,


For security reasons, I redacted the token serial number and expiration date for the token you have in your possession.


The token was paid for when purchased by your company and does not incur any additional fees after purchase.


I think this article answers your questions:


000035839 - What should I do if I found someone's lost RSA SecurID hardware token?