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RSA SecureD USB token with Encryption file system OF microsoft?

Hi all,


I have a question about if the RSA USB token can be integrated with EFS of Microsoft or not?

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I have searched around and cannot find direct documented evidence on my side that it definitely always works.

But I can find information that some customers we have do store EFS certs on SID800...I just do not know exactly

if they simply store them there, or EFS uses them directly. 


-old EFS (original) cannot be done with a smart card certificate...the keys are stored on the user profile

-newer EFS can be configured to look for the key information on a smart card


Encrypting File System 


-for most intents and purposes, if you have the recommended smart card drivers for the SID800

and have configured EFS correctly for smart card cert storage, it should work fine.


I do know that a few 3rd party products that do file encryption can use the certs stored on a SID800.


I will summarize by staying there is not a reason I can find why it would not work.

If you can configure EFS to use smart cards, it should work with the SID800 smart card.