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RSA SecurID 130/250 - Intel RMM4 Setup

My company purchased RSA SecurID 130 and 250 appliances (Intel based), which come with the Intel Remote Management controller (RMM4).  I set up the controller to allow for login via the RMM4 webserver using a static user name and password, but want to utilize the LDAP functionality so that a service account can be used for logging into the webserver.  


Any time I try to make changes to the LDAP settings, the console freezes and refuses connections until I drive to the data center and manually pull the power from the appliance.  This is obviously a HUGE problem, as recovering these assets via RMM4 remotely is impossible.


I suspect there is an issue with the BIOS and RMM4 software version, as RSA did not update these before build or shipping.  Has anyone had any luck setting these up successfully?  It's pretty frustrating to have a hardware appliance that doesn't function properly, and RSA does not offer support for the controller per 



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