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RSA Token Database (OSX) issues - Re-installing fixes only once

Good morning, 


We have a select group of Mac users whose Token database keeps prompting for a password.


We can reset the token database and re-import the token, but it only seems to last until the next reboot.


We've also tried setting  a known password on the first install, and even that seems to get lost/not work after a reboot.


We've also reinstalled the app to no avail.


This is happening on a handful if iMacs running Catalina.



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Valued Contributor

By any chance are those tokens being distributed as sdtid files with passwords?  If so, make sure they get deleted after import. If the token app finds sdtids when it starts up, it automatically tries to import them, and will ask for the password.


If that doesn't seem to be what's happening, then to diagnose properly we may need more detailed information than is safe to disclose in this forum.  I recommend you open a case with RSA Support; instructions are here: .


Good luck.

They are being distributed with sdtid files but with no password.








Jeremy Keith

IT Manager / Network Admin