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Run a report showing users with two tokens

Authentication manager 8.4, unable to figure out how to run a report that only shows people who have multiple tokens. Is that a feature request?

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Hi Ed,


I wasn't able to find a report that shows this specific information, however there are a couple of ways to get this information.

1. You can use the "all users" report template and create a report that filters by token assigned "yes." When you run this report, the assigned token serial numbers will be displayed for each user and you can identify users with more than one token assigned to their name.

2. You can create a report based on the "users with tokens" template. The output from this report differs slightly in that each assigned token will have its own entry. For users with more than one token, you will see their name listed multiple times - one for each token assigned. Again, you can determine which users have multiple tokens associated with their account.


With option one, the token serial numbers are separated by a semicolon so it should be fairly simple to search / sort by the Token Serial Number column in Excel to identify users with multiple entries in this column.