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SAML 2.0 Generic IDP Question

We have turned off the built in Portal as an Authentication source in the CAS and added our own custom IDP for login under Identity Providers.  We have published this to the IDR successfully.  When we login we get correct behaviour between the Portals but on logout we get taken back to the IDR Portal Authentication Source even though we have turned this off.  We need to go back to our custom IDP but cannot see anywhere to specify a custom logout URL.  Is this intended behaviour because it is just confusing to users?

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Jack Alexander‌ - It would depend on your configuration and logout implementation. The Custom Web Portal Developer's Guide page 25-26 discusses how the LogoutServlet works with regard to where the user is redirected.


Hope that helps,


Thanks.  I am just confused as to why if I have turned off the Portal as an Authentication source that I see this page on logout?

The IDR portal is still involved (it is proxying your custom pages). However, you should be able to control what happens upon logout per the above documentation.