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SAP ERP Integration with RSA SecurID?

Hello All,


As per the requirement from one of the customer's of mine.

There's an requirement of integrating SAP ERP solution with RSA SecurID, so just want to know that is it possible to integrate SAP ERP with SecurID?


I had gone through some of the links to find out the integration possibilities, but didn't find anything.

Request you to kindly advise on this.



Deepanshu Sood.

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In what way specifically would you integrate with SecurID ? I think SAP Netweaver SSO guide is what you want.


We have these docs about SAP ERP but with RSA SIEM software, none for SecurID.


SAP ERP Central Component ECC 


There is an RSA guide for SAP Netweaver, and that is set up as a radius client to use tokens to authenticate.


SAP NetWeaver Single Sign On Secure Login Server 



RSA Auth Manager can authenticate radius, and I believe SAP ERP can be set up to use Netweaver and radius with SecurId,

but you need to verify this for your ERP product capabilities and two factor authentication.


SAP ERP page

User Administration and Authentication - SAP ERP Central Component Security Guide - SAP Library 


shows SAP ERP uses SAP Netweaver for Authentication: 


and this quote from the SAP ERP support site:


The SAP ERP Central Component uses the user administration and authentication mechanisms provided with the SAP NetWeaver platform, in particular the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. Therefore, the security recommendations and guidelines for user administration and authentication as described in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Security Guide also apply to the SAP ERP Central Component.

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To add to Ed's explanation, in General Authentication manager can do 2 things;

 1. it can protect a server (windows, Linux) so that users of that server e.g. Admins must authenticate with two factor authentication, 2FA. 

 2. it can protect a service (IIS, VPNs like Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Citrix) so that users of that service are sent to AM for 2FA 

Sometimes it does both, e.g. you install the RSA Authentication Agent for Windows, AAWIN to provide 2FA for the administrators of a Citrix Storefront Server running on Win 2012 R2, but you might also install the RSA Authentication Agent for Citirx, AACTX on the same server to provide 2FA for Citrix users coming in through a NetScaler


integrating an application or service that provisions or does Access control can be a little more tricky, and if we do not have a Partner implementation Guide for it, you might have to consider writing your own agent using our Agent Authentication API for either java or C