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Schedule Identity Source Synchronization


In our workflow the first time a new user connects to mypage to register a device, they need an "Emergency Access Code" generated by an administrator (helpdesk role).
Unfortunately new enabled users won't appear in the "user management" till the identity source is not synced and as documented here
the helpdesk adminsitrator user cannot sync the cloud console with the identity source.

This makes the process to enable a new user (in our workflow) over complicated and I was wondering if there's a way for the super admin to schedule the sync time by the admin console (or using the API), and how to proceed.

Of course if you have an alternative idea I'm all ears.

Than you 

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Hi @ZaccheroniIRST ,

The ability to schedule bulk identity source synchronizations has been removed in favor of the Just-in-Time Sync feature. For your particular scenario, Help Desk admins can search on the User Management page for a user by their full email address. If the user is not currently synced, then the admin can click on the "Include and add users not yet synchronized to the Cloud Authentication Service" option to have the Cloud Authentication Service search for the user and sync them if found.