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SecurID Token Multiple Devices



a partner needs to provide access to their systems via VPN connection and they use SecurID tokens for authentication. The problem is that on our end users do not have a set workstations or workstations can be swaped so we got a request from the relevant team to look into setting up token roaming. I found this article 000032390 - How to install the same RSA SecurID Software Token 5.0 for Windows on different machines without re-importin… however the installation does not allow using \\servername for SETDATABASEDIR as the article would suggest.


I circumvent this by mounting the server path as a network drive, which then allows the installation to proceed and when starting SecurID it creates the folder and RSASecurIDStorageS file, however the generator only works on the device where it was originally installed, however when I install using the same steps and mount the network drive (using the same drive letter) the token does not seem to work and asks to import a new token.


Any suggestions how to make it so that I could import from web and use the token on multiple devices?

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