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Single sign-on issue


In my environment, I have a Microsoft AD environment with several Windows, RedHat, and AIX servers using AD for centralized authentication.  I am able to authenticate the Linux machines with AD using Centrify Access Control.  My problem is that I cannot find where to allow single sign-on when hopping from one Linux machine to another using ssh.


Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.





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Based on a brief reading of a document on configuring SSO with Centrify, Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) 

it looks like Centry can work with SAML based applications.  If you are using the RSA Authentication agent for PAM, which has support for Suse, Red Hat, AIX, CentOS, Solaris and Ubuntu with the newest ver. 8.1.2), that PAM agent is not SAML based, it is configurable either for ReST API authentication to either legacy Authentication Manager or SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service, CAS, or this agent can be configured for legacy UDP authentication with an Authentication Manager Passcode (PIN+TokenCode) to Authentication Manager.