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Software token extension status

I am trying to extent software token life time and keep getting error " The extension token has been assigned to a user" I have found that if the token was a replacement token and was unassigned it keeps the token status as a "replacement" and cannot use for extending an expiring token. How can I change the token status so I can use to extend an expiring token? 

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Hi Kenneth Anderson,


is that replacement token was provision in Am 8.2 version? up to my knowledge it the token is provisioned under 8.2 you can extend token, even dead expired token also can extend only condition is token should distributed from 8.2.

refer below link and also if possible share what kind of error seen when try to extend. 



Rajesh [M.Tech Products Pte Ltd]


Hi Rajesh,


We are using 8.3 currently all of my tokens are extendable. The issue is we do token cleanups and unassign tokens that are not being used and this will include tokens that have been assigned to users as replacement tokens but never replaced. When we unassign a token that was assigned as a replacement we cannot use that token to extend the expiration of an additional token. I have a lot of these tokens and looking for a way to remove the replacement status for these tokens. Currently the only way is to assign the token to a user then unassign, this seems to remove the replacement status of the token so then we can use to extend another token expiration.


I tested this in and it works fine.


for brevity I will use short names for the tokens


1) user has one software token 'O' assigned and it is flagged as extendable 

2) instead of extending it, I will replace it with 'R' and distribute 'R'

3) user now has two tokens assigned, 'O' which is still in use and 'R' which is ready to replace 'O'

4) I unassign 'R' and it goes back to the unassigned token pile

5) I pick any user with a software token 'E' with an extendable flag, and choose to extend that token,

system picked it's own token, but I override that and choose 'R' specifically

6) Extend token is successful, 'R' gets deleted and 'E' now has a permanent notation that it is being extended by 'R'

7) if I now unassign 'E' from the user, it goes to the unassigned pile but still shows it is being extended by 'R'