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SonicPoint Ace WAP integration with SecurID?

We want to use RSA SecurID to authenticate to Sonicwall SonicPoint Ace Wireless Access Points if possible, is there a guide or instructions on how we can do it? Since RSA Server can act as a RADIUS server we wanted to see if we could also authenticate to the internal wireless this way as well.

Please assist with whatever possible.

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Should be possible. But I do not have a specific guide, nor rock solid procedures.

This will need to be tested or investigated with SonicPoint support on it's EAP capabilities.


We use EAP (PEAP) to have Radius authenticate other brand wireless AP's so ...


Sonicpoint can use EAP for authentication

Wireless AuthenticationOpen, PSK, EAP




Here is the Cisco wireless setup guide 


Perhaps this might guide you on making the SonicPoint work with RSA radius.