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Support for SharePoint 2013

Hello and thanks for this excellent community!


I am looking to get some additional information regarding the latest IIS RSA Authentication Agent for SharePoint 2013.


I have a customized SharePoint environment running in the standard 3-tier configuration.  In addition to SharePoint, we also have hooks back to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) as well as the Office Web Apps (OWA) component of SharePoint.  MySites in my environment runs in a separate SharePoint web application.


The documentation that I've read on the IIS plug-in mentions the use of persistent cookies to handle session information.  I was wondering what kind of experience any of you out there have had with the RSA IIS plugin handling authentication requests to these back-end systems (e.g. multiple prompts, failed redirects, etc.)

Second, the documentation that I've read from RSA mentions that the 8.0 version of the IIS plugin will not support SharePoint crawler as well as SharePoint Designer.  These are both features that I use within the farm.  Crawl is a core component of SharePoint as well, so it seems strange to me that this would break.


Any comment on these two features and possible workarounds or experiences from the field?


I am really just trying to get a better handle on whether I can use the RSA IIS plug-in within my customized environment or whether there is a better solution for me.  If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears.  I have already tried converting my farm over to use SAML claims for authentication and that was a disaster, so I thought I would explore the IIS plugin route.


Thanks very much for any/all support and comment.

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